This products are used for reinforcement materials at RTM and L-RTM closed molding production. RTM fiber meets all requirements of the RTM process and helps to increase productivity.


• Along Moulding process, high elongation and flexibility
• During the resin transfer, rapid and efficient resin flow
• In all surface of the product, homogeneous fiber weight distribution
• Surface flatness in applications with Gel-Coat
• According to customer demands can be changed aspect ratio and weights

Usage Areas

RTM and L-RTM use in construction, automotive, marine and other production areas.

Our Products

• 300x180x300 PP CORE
• 450X180X450 PP CORE
• 450X250X450 PP CORE
• 600X250X600 PP CORE
• 750X250X750 PP CORE
• 900X250X900 PP CORE