Styrene pigment pastas is produced by specially formulated polyester resin and high quality pigment powder. Due to the essential materials is polyester, gelcoat and pigment pastas Show an excellent harmony with epoxy and polyester resins . The colors in this group are used for colourise of gelcoat, molding polyester and furniture polish polyesters. It can be mixed with other cover colors and transparent colors in any ratio. It should not be used with fully transparent button colors.

For a good coloring, the concentration of the polyester pigment paste should not be less 1% for polyester resins, 5% for gelcoats. More than 20% pigment concentration is not recommended at resins and gelcoats because it affects the final performance. Apart from the standard color range, we can make any color in the RAL class. Color control is performed by a computerized system in order to prevent color differences between parties.